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ONA Collective Agreement Sunnybrook: Understanding the Details

The Ontario Nurses` Association (ONA) negotiates collective agreements with employers to ensure that its members receive fair wages, safe working conditions, and benefits. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is one of the employers that ONA represents. ONA collective agreements at Sunnybrook cover various areas, including wages, benefits, workload, and health and safety.

Wages and Benefits

ONA collective agreements at Sunnybrook outline the wages and benefits that the nurses receive. Under the agreement, the nurses` salaries are based on their education, experience, and job classification. ONA ensures that its members receive reasonable pay that is commensurate with their qualifications and work experience. Additionally, the collective agreement provides for benefits such as pension plans, health insurance, and sick leave.


ONA collective agreements at Sunnybrook also address the issue of workload. Nurses often face heavy workloads, and this can affect their performance and put their patients` safety at risk. The collective agreement ensures that the nurses` workload is reasonable and manageable. It also guarantees that nurses are not required to work beyond their scheduled hours without fair compensation.

Health and Safety

ONA collective agreements at Sunnybrook also have provisions to protect the nurses` health and safety. The agreement mandates that Sunnybrook provides nurses with a safe working environment, including the necessary equipment and protocols to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. The agreement also allows nurses to refuse unsafe work without fear of reprisal.


ONA collective agreements at Sunnybrook are an essential tool for ensuring that nurses receive fair compensation, reasonable workloads, and safe working conditions. The collective agreement serves to protect the nurses` rights and ensure that they can provide quality care to their patients.

In summary, ONA collective agreements at Sunnybrook are crucial for the improvement of nurses` working conditions. With such agreements in place, nurses can focus on delivering quality health care services to patients without worrying about their welfare.

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